KillProcess 4.0

KillProcess: Utility to kill Windows processes, manually or automatically
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New User Interface rewriting from scratch
Compliant with Windows XP (SP3 minimum), Windows 7 and Windows 8
Process Enumeration with process icons, process names and identifiers of running processes
Switch to Admin Mode to Enumerate All Processes (Users and System Processes)
KillProcess 4.0 first attempts to kill processes softly (using WM_CLOSE Message) and, if needed, with the TerminateProcess function
Kill Selected Process individually or several at the same time
Enhanced process information: Process Main Information (Memory use, ..), Process version Information, List of Modules Loaded, File Data (using data from, Services loaded (for svchost.exe) and links to Web pages
Improved Information about Application Criticality and Improved Warnings when Killing Critical Process is Requested
Complete handling of Scan and Kill Feature for Automatic and Periodical Kill of selected process(es)
Storage of Events and Scan and Kill Settings in SQLite Database
KillProcess 4.0 is compliant with the Microsoft Certification Requirements for the application and files locations

10.1 App must be installed in the Program Files folder by default
10.2 App must avoid starting automatically on startup
10.3 App data, which must be shared among users on the computer, should be stored within ProgramData
10.4 App data that is exclusive to a specific user and that is not to be shared with other users of the computer, must be stored in Users\\AppData
and much more ....

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